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Are you stuck during sessions?

Looking for more inspiration?

Do you find it hard to come up with new poses?

Do you wish you could get more emotion out of your couples?




Throughout this course, I will walk you through all things posing. How I prep my clients before shoots, what it's like during the shoot, Philosophy behind evoking emotional images (and not the boring philospohy class you took in college) along with a ton of posing ques+prompts I give my couples! In This course I don't hold back any secrets because secrets don’t make friends and I really wanna be your friend! I will share everything I know and exactly how i go about my sessions. BUT REMEMBER: There is no right way to do things, I just walk you through how I do things. We'll cover how to educate your clients beforehand, when to use certain posing prompts over others, How to evoke real/genuine/candid emotion, and so much more! This course is for all learning types. There is written info, posing breakdowns, image examples, AND a video portion where you get to come with me on a shoot and watch how I do my thing (also my English Bulldog makes an appearance and that's something you really don't want to miss). It is a self paced course so it is yours to watch/read as many times as you'd like and you'll be able to access it whenever!


The course is created to provide knowledge and inspiration for all experience levels! Whether you just started your business and have no idea where to start, you dont have a business and just want to take better selfies with bae (just kidding), or you've been in the biz for years and are just looking for more inspiration to help you get out of that creative funk when it comes to directing your couples!

*This was designed to be viewed on laptop/ipad/desktop computer not mobile.


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You’ll walk away from the posing course with:

  1. Tools to prep your clients for success before your session even begins

  2. How to evoke genuine and raw emotion out of your clients

  3. Tons of examples

  4. Actual posing prompts for you to use at your next session!

  5. Assurance in your “why” because you can confidently deliver on telling your client’s story genuinely



The Posing Course

The posing Course is a lifetime access, 5 part course in posing for photographers that teaches how to prep your clients, the mentality behind posing, how to evoke emotion, and includes actual posing prompts! A video of me shooting a real couple showing how I go about my session is included as well! 




How long will it be available to purchase?

Forever! #heckyes

Can I purchase/watch this on mobile?

Yes, you can purchase from your phone but the link to the PDF

must be downloaded from a desktop! From there, you will receive instructions

on how to access the course which is a password protected site that you CAN

view on your mobile device!

Is this a digital or physical product?

Digital! Although, you can absolutely make it a physical product by printing

out the posing cues page so you always have the cards on hand!

How do I view the course?

The course is a password protected website so once you download the PDF with password and access instructions, you will be able to view the course on the web!

How long do I have to watch the content?

Forever! The download link to the instructions PDF expires within 24 hrs after purchase but after you save that page, you can access and watch the content forever, whenever, wherever!

I didn’t receive a download link or my link expired, SOS!

Oh no! Don’t fret, this happens sometimes and might just be an email typo! Go ahead and email me at with your order number and I can refresh the link for you or see what the problem is! I got you boo.