-Anastasia + Andrey

“Emily is definitely the best we could dream about. Our bridal photoshoot came out absolutely amazing and went far beyond all our expectations. It looked like a shoot from a glam magazine. Besides, Emily managed to capture the best out of us, and thanks to her, we look really stunning! I was also so  happy that Emily gives all the good photos and not just 20 or 40 of them. During the photoshoot, she made us feel very happy and comfortable. She is extremely nice, friendly, and outgoing. She even had some nice music playing for us. Eventually even my husband felt fine and relaxed. By the time we were done, I felt like I went through our wedding day all over again, feeling  full of happy emotions and love. We contacted about 10 different photographers from the US since we were coming from Russia and again, Emily was the most comfortable and personable to discuss details and such! So, once again - if I ever have a photoshoot in future - that would be Emily. This is my best shooting experience ever and my best photos! There is no way you could regret this choice!”

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