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Cultivate Workshop is a retreat-style workshop led by myself and Dawn Charles for #girlboss photographers looking to better their business, build community, and be inspired. So far we've held workshops in Portland, Palm Springs, Nashville and Bend. We're excited for our next one in Autocamp at the Russian River in April and will be announcing our sixth workshop after that which will take place Fall 2019! -






A one on one educational experience in Los Angeles customized to whatever you are wanting to dive deeper into! These experiences run for about 4 hours.

Session includes:

  • Live Shoot with a real couple. I will show you how I shoot and interact with my clients while also letting you get some awesome content and try new things!
  • A look inside my workflow process and different business tools to help you be organized and successful.
  • Q&A time where we can go over whatever questions you may have! I am an open book!



Can't make it to Los Angeles? No problem! I offer Skype sessions as well where we can spend some time via the interenet diving into all your questions and screen sharing my workflow process.



Some topics covered:

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Workflow
  • Pricing
  • Business
  • Posing & Client interaction





Honeybook has honestly changed the way I run my business. It has helped me stay organized, on track, and is basically like having a full time assistant. AKA, I get my life back! Yep, that's right, more time to be creative and do the things we love to do. Honeybook lets you customize proposals, send contracts, invoices, and questionaires. My favorite part? You can design custom workflows so that every email, payment reminder, and questioanire is sent automoatically without you lifting a finger. That is just the beginning of its glory. If you are interested and want to try it out, here is a link to a 7 day free trial and 50% off your first year! Sounds like a win to me.



Music changes EVERYTHING. The best way I get my clients comfortable during shoots is by playing music. GAME. CHANGER. Follow my playlist that you can shuffle. I have filled it with songs that inspire me (and hopefully you) and set a mood not only for your clients but for YOU to stay creative. Plus, it kills awkward silence so thats a win.