Walker Canyon Proposal | Kaley & Ben

Walker Canyon is known for its "Super Bloom" this year and I couldn't wait to see it for myself. THANKFULLY, Ben reached out and asked if I would be available to photograph the proposal to his love at that exact spot!! I literally started screaming and probably came off too intense, but the excitement was REAL my friends. Proposals get me all sorts of giddy, I definitely had butterflies all day! It was a crazy day to say the least, I was flying home from a wedding up in Napa that morning and landed and drove straight over to get all set up! Kaley and Ben are from Kansas, they took the weekend to explore LA with some of their best friends and Kaley, being a photographer herself, thought she was going to take photos of her friends that came with them on the trip! My friend Madeline Metcalf and I were following far behind them the entire time trying our hardest to act as casual as possible until the moment hit where Ben got down on one knee and asked Kaley to be his forever. She gladly said YES and we screamed, celebrated, and adventured into dusk taking some photos of this precious moment in their lives. How He Asked featured the whole story on their blog, to hear Kaley's perspective, go check out their site!


2017-04-10_0001.jpg 2017-04-10_0002.jpg 2017-04-10_0003.jpg 2017-04-10_0004.jpg 2017-04-10_0005.jpg 2017-04-10_0006.jpg 2017-04-10_0007.jpg 2017-04-10_0008.jpg 2017-04-10_0009.jpg 2017-04-10_0010.jpg 2017-04-10_0011.jpg 2017-04-10_0012.jpg 2017-04-10_0013.jpg 2017-04-10_0014.jpg 2017-04-10_0015.jpg 2017-04-10_0016.jpg 2017-04-10_0017.jpg 2017-04-10_0018.jpg 2017-04-10_0019.jpg 2017-04-10_0020.jpg 2017-04-10_0021.jpg 2017-04-10_0022.jpg 2017-04-10_0023.jpg 2017-04-10_0024.jpg 2017-04-10_0025.jpg 2017-04-10_0026.jpg 2017-04-10_0027.jpg 2017-04-10_0028.jpg 2017-04-10_0029.jpg 2017-04-10_0030.jpg 2017-04-10_0031.jpg 2017-04-10_0032.jpg 2017-04-10_0033.jpg 2017-04-10_0034.jpg 2017-04-10_0035.jpg 2017-04-10_0036.jpg 2017-04-10_0037.jpg 2017-04-10_0038.jpg 2017-04-10_0039.jpg 2017-04-10_0040.jpg 2017-04-10_0041.jpg 2017-04-10_0042.jpg 2017-04-10_0043.jpg 2017-04-10_0044.jpg 2017-04-10_0045.jpg 2017-04-10_0046.jpg 2017-04-10_0047.jpg 2017-04-10_0048.jpg 2017-04-10_0049.jpg 2017-04-10_0050.jpg