Sunset Engagement Session Los Angeles Arts District | Megan & Ronnie

Downtown Arts District Los Angeles Engagement Session Megan & Ronnie | Emily Magers Photography-4.jpg

The Los Angeles Arts District embodied Megan and Ronnie so perfectly, it only made sense to hold their engagement session somewhere golden, dazzling and endless. To capture two people as enamored as they are always makes me feel newly inspired and appreciative to do what I do. I find myself asking, how many ways can love be this beautiful? Sometimes it feels so singular, so specific to one couple.

Their affection is undeniable. She is serene beside him, genuinely enchanted, glowing. And he meets her in this space, glorifying his soon-to-be bride as if she were a goddess. You can see it in their eyes, there is nothing more obvious than the fire they share, the trust between them that this is forever. How alive they are because they are together.

From the genuine between moments, to the modelesque poses, they never aren't touching. He's romantic with her, thoughtful and devoted. She holds his body to hers as if they'll never let go. The air is electric, cooling fast. And I realized it's rare for anyone to get this chance to unify emotions, hours, dreams, futures. But, here they are, in the same evening, in love. And they are lucky enough to live this again and again for all their lives. 


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