Mt Palomar Engagement| Chiara & Jacques

You may recognize Mt Palomar from my previous shoot with Dawn + Tommy. It was so incredible I had to come back and knew Chiara & Jacques were the perfect couple to take on the adventure! There is so much I could say about these two lovebirds. We drove down together, and because L.A traffic is no joke, we had about 9 hours in the car together which was spent laughing, getting deep, and just enjoying each others presence! I got to hear their entire love story and how it began at UCLA and never stopped. Don't even get me started on their proposal, the cutest thing EVER. I would tell it, but it wouldnt be as good so here is the link to Jacques blog post where he wrote about how it all went down! You deifnitely want to read this one. I am so excited for their DREAMY wedding this October in Napa. Ohhhhh yeah it's gonna be a good one// Enjoy, friends!2016-03-31_0001.jpg 2016-03-31_0002.jpg 2016-03-31_0003.jpg 2016-03-31_0004.jpg 2016-03-31_0005.jpg 2016-03-31_0006.jpg 2016-03-31_0007.jpg 2016-03-31_0008.jpg 2016-03-31_0009.jpg 2016-03-31_0010.jpg 2016-03-31_0011.jpg 2016-03-31_0012.jpg 2016-03-31_0013.jpg 2016-03-31_0014.jpg 2016-03-31_0015.jpg 2016-03-31_0016.jpg 2016-03-31_0017.jpg 2016-03-31_0018.jpg 2016-03-31_0019.jpg 2016-03-31_0020.jpg 2016-03-31_0021.jpg 2016-03-31_0022.jpg 2016-03-31_0023.jpg 2016-03-31_0024.jpg 2016-03-31_0025.jpg 2016-03-31_0026.jpg 2016-03-31_0027.jpg 2016-03-31_0028.jpg 2016-03-31_0029.jpg 2016-03-31_0030.jpg 2016-03-31_0031.jpg 2016-03-31_0032.jpg 2016-03-31_0033.jpg 2016-03-31_0034.jpg 2016-03-31_0035.jpg 2016-03-31_0036.jpg 2016-03-31_0037.jpg 2016-03-31_0038.jpg 2016-03-31_0039.jpg 2016-03-31_0040.jpg 2016-03-31_0041.jpg 2016-03-31_0042.jpg 2016-03-31_0043.jpg 2016-03-31_0044.jpg 2016-03-31_0045.jpg 2016-03-31_0046.jpg 2016-03-31_0047.jpg 2016-03-31_0048.jpg 2016-03-31_0049.jpg 2016-03-31_0050.jpg 2016-03-31_0051.jpg 2016-03-31_0052.jpg 2016-03-31_0053.jpg 2016-03-31_0054.jpg 2016-03-31_0055.jpg 2016-03-31_0056.jpg 2016-03-31_0057.jpg 2016-03-31_0058.jpg 2016-03-31_0059.jpg 2016-03-31_0060.jpg 2016-03-31_0061.jpg 2016-03-31_0062.jpg 2016-03-31_0063.jpg 2016-03-31_0064.jpg 2016-03-31_0065.jpg 2016-03-31_0066.jpg 2016-03-31_0067.jpg 2016-03-31_0068.jpg 2016-03-31_0069.jpg 2016-03-31_0070.jpg 2016-03-31_0071.jpg 2016-03-31_0072.jpg 2016-03-31_0073.jpg 2016-03-31_0074.jpg 2016-03-31_0075.jpg