Mt Palamar Anniversary session | Dawn & Tommy

Dawn and Tommy are stunning. Mt Palamar is incredible. And I love my job. I originally took these two lovebirds up into the mountains for my next assignment for Deeply Rooted Magazine, but theyre just too cute to NOT make it into an anniversary session. They have been marreid a whole 6 months and that is definitely something to celebrate!!! Dawn and Tommy fall into each other so naturally. They make each other laugh constantly, and you can just feel their love radiating off of them. Third wheeling is a profession of mine and I absolutley love it. I can't get over these two sweet friends of mine. They set the most beautiful example of what true love rooted and grounded in love should look like. They also have the cutest bulldog names Benjals, so like, they made it real easy for me to love them. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.// 2016-02-19_0002.jpg 2016-02-19_0003.jpg 2016-02-19_0004.jpg 2016-02-19_0005.jpg 2016-02-19_0007.jpg 2016-02-19_0046.jpg 2016-02-19_0048.jpg 2016-02-19_0050.jpg 2016-02-19_0008.jpg 2016-02-19_0009.jpg 2016-02-19_0010.jpg 2016-02-19_0011.jpg 2016-02-19_0012.jpg 2016-02-19_0013.jpg 2016-02-19_0014.jpg

2016-02-19_0016.jpg 2016-02-19_0017.jpg 2016-02-19_0052.jpg 2016-02-19_0053.jpg 2016-02-19_0054.jpg 2016-02-19_0056.jpg 2016-02-19_0057.jpg 2016-02-19_0018.jpg 2016-02-19_0019.jpg 2016-02-19_0020.jpg 2016-02-19_0021.jpg 2016-02-19_0022.jpg 2016-02-19_0023.jpg 2016-02-19_0058.jpg 2016-02-19_0059.jpg 2016-02-19_0060.jpg 2016-02-19_0061.jpg 2016-02-19_0024.jpg 2016-02-19_0025.jpg 2016-02-19_0026.jpg 2016-02-19_0062.jpg 2016-02-19_0063.jpg 2016-02-19_0065.jpg 2016-02-19_0066.jpg 2016-02-19_0064.jpg 2016-02-19_0027.jpg 2016-02-19_0028.jpg 2016-02-19_0029.jpg 2016-02-19_0030.jpg 2016-02-19_0031.jpg 2016-02-19_0032.jpg 2016-02-19_0033.jpg 2016-02-19_0067.jpg 2016-02-19_0068.jpg 2016-02-19_0069.jpg 2016-02-19_0070.jpg 2016-02-19_0071.jpg 2016-02-19_0072.jpg 2016-02-19_0073.jpg 2016-02-19_0074.jpg 2016-02-19_0075.jpg 2016-02-19_0076.jpg 2016-02-19_0034.jpg 2016-02-19_0035.jpg 2016-02-19_0036.jpg 2016-02-19_0037.jpg

2016-02-19_0077.jpg 2016-02-19_0039.jpg 2016-02-19_0040.jpg 2016-02-19_0041.jpg 2016-02-19_0043.jpg 2016-02-19_0042.jpg 2016-02-19_0044.jpg 2016-02-19_0078.jpg 2016-02-19_0079.jpg 2016-02-19_0080.jpg 2016-02-19_0081.jpg 2016-02-19_0082.jpg 2016-02-19_0083.jpg 2016-02-19_0084.jpg 2016-02-19_0085.jpg 2016-02-19_0086.jpg 2016-02-19_0088.jpg 2016-02-19_0087.jpg