Mt Baldy Engagement | Alicia & Aaron

Alicia and Aaron's Mt Baldy Engagement session was a dream. There was not a single soul in sight besides the three of us (like I've mentioned before, professional third wheeling is my favorite, seriously). We had the best time bonding over the Navy, Harry Potter, our love for Ireland, and their sweet love story. I'm convinced it was love at first sight for these two. I can't think of two better people to be married than alicia and Aaron. Their relationsip is effortless and they are constantly making each other laugh. like belly laugh. I think my favorite part of their session was when Aaron pulled her in for a tight hug and Alicia whispered the most genuine " I can't wait to marry you". Yep. Still swooning over these two.2016-04-19_0001.jpg 2016-04-19_0002.jpg 2016-04-19_0003.jpg 2016-04-19_0004.jpg 2016-04-19_0005.jpg 2016-04-19_0006.jpg 2016-04-19_0007.jpg 2016-04-19_0008.jpg 2016-04-19_0009.jpg 2016-04-19_0010.jpg 2016-04-19_0011.jpg 2016-04-19_0012.jpg 2016-04-19_0013.jpg 2016-04-19_0014.jpg 2016-04-19_0015.jpg 2016-04-19_0016.jpg 2016-04-19_0017.jpg 2016-04-19_0018.jpg 2016-04-19_0019.jpg 2016-04-19_0020.jpg 2016-04-19_0021.jpg 2016-04-19_0022.jpg 2016-04-19_0023.jpg 2016-04-19_0024.jpg 2016-04-19_0025.jpg 2016-04-19_0026.jpg 2016-04-19_0027.jpg 2016-04-19_0028.jpg 2016-04-19_0029.jpg 2016-04-19_0030.jpg 2016-04-19_0031.jpg 2016-04-19_0032.jpg 2016-04-19_0033.jpg 2016-04-19_0034.jpg 2016-04-19_0035.jpg 2016-04-19_0036.jpg 2016-04-19_0037.jpg 2016-04-19_0038.jpg 2016-04-19_0039.jpg 2016-04-19_0040.jpg 2016-04-19_0041.jpg 2016-04-19_0042.jpg 2016-04-19_0043.jpg 2016-04-19_0044.jpg 2016-04-19_0045.jpg 2016-04-19_0047.jpg 2016-04-19_0048.jpg 2016-04-19_0049.jpg 2016-04-19_0050.jpg 2016-04-19_0051.jpg 2016-04-19_0052.jpg 2016-04-19_0053.jpg 2016-04-19_0054.jpg 2016-04-19_0055.jpg 2016-04-19_0056.jpg 2016-04-19_0057.jpg 2016-04-19_0058.jpg 2016-04-19_0059.jpg 2016-04-19_0060.jpg 2016-04-19_0061.jpg 2016-04-19_0062.jpg 2016-04-19_0063.jpg 2016-04-19_0064.jpg 2016-04-19_0065.jpg 2016-04-19_0066.jpg 2016-04-19_0067.jpg 2016-04-19_0068.jpg 2016-04-19_0069.jpg