Malibu Engagement Session | Hannah & Matt

Hannah and Matt's Malibu Engagement Session was a sepcial one for me. The last 6 months have been completely non stop and I remember telling myself that all I want to do is sit and watch a sunset, to take it all in and enjoy His presence but never truly had the time. Well, before their engagement shoot at the beach, I was praying for energy and for time before to sit near the water and just take it in for a few minutes. Of course I didn't get to leave as early as planned so during our session I was real with them and told them where I was struggling and how resting in His presence is so important yet, I've just been constantly moving with my mind always racing. They both looked at me and said, "let's sit down and watch it instead then." I just about cried because it's humans like Hannah and Matt, who remind me of why community is my thing. It's that amongst work and busy schedules and the nonstop pace of life, we can sit with one another and just enjoy His presence. It was also the most at peace I've felt the past two weeks. I'm so thankful for my clients who immediately turn friends and who I get to do real, raw, honest life with within hours of meeting them. Not to mention, we started their session at a friend of theirs private estate and it was sooooo dreamy! I love when I get to take a different turn no familiar locations. Hannah and Matt are so refreshing. They are the type of people you want to be around constantly. Their love for one another is so evident in their laughter and the way they look at each other. I am so stoked for their backyard wedding with a LIVE band. Oh yeah. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do. So thankful for these two.//2016-05-30_0001.jpg 2016-05-30_0002.jpg 2016-05-30_0003.jpg 2016-05-30_0004.jpg 2016-05-30_0005.jpg 2016-05-30_0006.jpg 2016-05-30_0007.jpg 2016-05-30_0008.jpg 2016-05-30_0009.jpg 2016-05-30_0010.jpg 2016-05-30_0011.jpg 2016-05-30_0012.jpg 2016-05-30_0013.jpg 2016-05-30_0014.jpg 2016-05-30_0015.jpg 2016-05-30_0016.jpg 2016-05-30_0017.jpg 2016-05-30_0018.jpg 2016-05-30_0019.jpg 2016-05-30_0020.jpg 2016-05-30_0021.jpg 2016-05-30_0022.jpg 2016-05-30_0023.jpg 2016-05-30_0024.jpg 2016-05-30_0025.jpg 2016-05-30_0026.jpg 2016-05-30_0027.jpg 2016-05-30_0028.jpg 2016-05-30_0029.jpg 2016-05-30_0030.jpg 2016-05-30_0031.jpg 2016-05-30_0032.jpg 2016-05-30_0033.jpg 2016-05-30_0034.jpg 2016-05-30_0035.jpg 2016-05-30_0036.jpg 2016-05-30_0037.jpg 2016-05-30_0038.jpg 2016-05-30_0039.jpg 2016-05-30_0040.jpg 2016-05-30_0041.jpg 2016-05-30_0042.jpg 2016-05-30_0043.jpg 2016-05-30_0044.jpg 2016-05-30_0045.jpg 2016-05-30_0046.jpg 2016-05-30_0047.jpg 2016-05-30_0048.jpg 2016-05-30_0049.jpg 2016-05-30_0050.jpg 2016-05-30_0051.jpg 2016-05-30_0052.jpg 2016-05-30_0053.jpg 2016-05-30_0054.jpg 2016-05-30_0055.jpg 2016-05-30_0056.jpg 2016-05-30_0057.jpg 2016-05-30_0058.jpg 2016-05-30_0059.jpg 2016-05-30_0060.jpg 2016-05-30_0061.jpg 2016-05-30_0062.jpg 2016-05-30_0063.jpg 2016-05-30_0064.jpg 2016-05-30_0065.jpg 2016-05-30_0066.jpg 2016-05-30_0067.jpg 2016-05-30_0068.jpg 2016-05-30_0069.jpg 2016-05-30_0070.jpg 2016-05-30_0071.jpg 2016-05-30_0072.jpg 2016-05-30_0073.jpg 2016-05-30_0074.jpg 2016-05-30_0075.jpg 2016-05-30_0076.jpg