Los Angeles Forest Engagement | Micah & Abigail

This spot has to be my favorite in the Los Angeles Forest. Getting lost in the mountains in the middle of nowhere is always a good idea! Micah and Abby were down for the adventure which just made their engagement session that much more rad. I am so thankful for these two. They are the epitome of best friends and are constantly making each other laugh. To top it all off, they sing together. and it's amazing. They are saying I Do at the coolest old tobacco factory in North Carolina this year and It is going to be one of the best celebrations yet! I am so excited to share their love story with you all! Thanks for being the babest of babes you two.//2016-03-16_0001.jpg 2016-03-16_0023.jpg 2016-03-16_0002.jpg 2016-03-16_0004.jpg 2016-03-16_0006.jpg 2016-03-16_0005.jpg 2016-03-16_0003.jpg 2016-03-16_0007.jpg 2016-03-16_0008.jpg 2016-03-16_0009.jpg 2016-03-16_0010.jpg 2016-03-16_0011.jpg 2016-03-16_0031.jpg 2016-03-16_0029.jpg 2016-03-16_0030.jpg 2016-03-16_0024.jpg 2016-03-16_0025.jpg 2016-03-16_0026.jpg 2016-03-16_0032.jpg 2016-03-16_0033.jpg 2016-03-16_0013.jpg 2016-03-16_0034.jpg 2016-03-16_0035.jpg 2016-03-16_0036.jpg 2016-03-16_0037.jpg 2016-03-16_0038.jpg 2016-03-16_0039.jpg 2016-03-16_0040.jpg 2016-03-16_0017.jpg 2016-03-16_0015.jpg 2016-03-16_0014.jpg 2016-03-16_0016.jpg 2016-03-16_0018.jpg 2016-03-16_0021.jpg 2016-03-16_0020.jpg 2016-03-16_0022.jpg 2016-03-16_0019.jpg 2016-03-16_0041.jpg 2016-03-16_0047.jpg 2016-03-16_0048.jpg 2016-03-16_0042.jpg 2016-03-16_0043.jpg 2016-03-16_0044.jpg 2016-03-16_0045.jpg 2016-03-16_0046.jpg