Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement | Brenna & Josh

It's not everyday one of your best friends gets engaged and wants her engagement photos done at the Imperial Sand Dunes. If you have never been, you have to go. They are seriously something out of this world. Imagine 20mph winds full of sand, 110 degree weather, and being in the middle of nowhere and you have a pretty good idea of the conditions we went through to make some magic. None of that mattered once we started shooting. These two soul mates are truly a dream. I have known Brenna and Josh for 2 years now and have had the chance to see their relationship grow into something so so so beautiful which clearly shows in these photos. They both were such troopers even when the wind got extremely annoying and sand was in places we didnt know exsisted. They were constantly laughing and dancing and just being all cute and perfect. I am so thankful for my sweet and talented friend Carolyn over at The Crown Collective who made the dreamiest crown for Brenna to wear. And that TP? yeah, Josh made that from scratch. #DREAMTEAM. So thankful for these two and for them letting me be apart of their love story.// I love you guys! 2016-06-02_0001.jpg 2016-06-02_0002.jpg 2016-06-02_0003.jpg 2016-06-02_0004.jpg 2016-06-02_0005.jpg 2016-06-02_0006.jpg 2016-06-02_0007.jpg 2016-06-02_0008.jpg 2016-06-02_0009.jpg 2016-06-02_0010.jpg 2016-06-02_0011.jpg 2016-06-02_0012.jpg 2016-06-02_0013.jpg 2016-06-02_0014.jpg 2016-06-02_0015.jpg 2016-06-02_0016.jpg 2016-06-02_0017.jpg 2016-06-02_0018.jpg 2016-06-02_0019.jpg 2016-06-02_0020.jpg 2016-06-02_0021.jpg 2016-06-02_0022.jpg 2016-06-02_0023.jpg 2016-06-02_0024.jpg 2016-06-02_0025.jpg 2016-06-02_0026.jpg 2016-06-02_0027.jpg 2016-06-02_0028.jpg 2016-06-02_0029.jpg 2016-06-02_0030.jpg 2016-06-02_0031.jpg 2016-06-02_0032.jpg 2016-06-02_0033.jpg 2016-06-02_0034.jpg 2016-06-02_0035.jpg 2016-06-02_0036.jpg 2016-06-02_0037.jpg 2016-06-02_0038.jpg 2016-06-02_0039.jpg 2016-06-02_0040.jpg 2016-06-02_0041.jpg 2016-06-02_0042.jpg 2016-06-02_0043.jpg 2016-06-02_0044.jpg 2016-06-02_0045.jpg 2016-06-02_0046.jpg 2016-06-02_0047.jpg 2016-06-02_0048.jpg 2016-06-02_0049.jpg 2016-06-02_0050.jpg 2016-06-02_0051.jpg 2016-06-02_0052.jpg 2016-06-02_0053.jpg 2016-06-02_0054.jpg 2016-06-02_0055.jpg 2016-06-02_0056.jpg 2016-06-02_0057.jpg 2016-06-02_0058.jpg 2016-06-02_0059.jpg 2016-06-02_0060.jpg 2016-06-02_0061.jpg 2016-06-02_0062.jpg 2016-06-02_0063.jpg 2016-06-02_0064.jpg 2016-06-02_0065.jpg 2016-06-02_0066.jpg 2016-06-02_0067.jpg 2016-06-02_0068.jpg 2016-06-02_0069.jpg 2016-06-02_0070.jpg 2016-06-02_0071.jpg 2016-06-02_0072.jpg 2016-06-02_0073.jpg 2016-06-02_0074.jpg 2016-06-02_0075.jpg 2016-06-02_0076.jpg 2016-06-02_0077.jpg 2016-06-02_0078.jpg 2016-06-02_0079.jpg 2016-06-02_0080.jpg 2016-06-02_0081.jpg 2016-06-02_0082.jpg 2016-06-02_0083.jpg 2016-06-02_0084.jpg 2016-06-02_0085.jpg 2016-06-02_0086.jpg 2016-06-02_0087.jpg 2016-06-02_0088.jpg 2016-06-02_0089.jpg 2016-06-02_0090.jpg 2016-06-02_0091.jpg 2016-06-02_0092.jpg 2016-06-02_0093.jpg 2016-06-02_0094.jpg 2016-06-02_0095.jpg