Iceland Anniversary Session | Hayley & Josh

This month I got to spend time in Iceland documenting Hayley and Josh's first year of marriage! We adventured through the most insane locations from waterfalls on the side of the road to random glaciers we came across by accident. Iceland is a whole new world that is probably the most gorgeous place I have ever seen. Hayley and Josh only made the adventure that much more amazing. Their marriage is so strong and rooted in the purest of love. They make each other laugh and are always reaching for each others hands/smiling at one another. (Insert all the squeals and tears from the cuteness here). Ah I am just drooling reliving our time together in this BEAUTIFUL country. I'll stop talking and let the photos speak for themselves because this place was just on a whole new level of unreal. Enjoy!2016-08-26_0001.jpg 2016-08-26_0002.jpg 2016-08-26_0003.jpg 2016-08-26_0004.jpg 2016-08-26_0005.jpg 2016-08-26_0006.jpg 2016-08-26_0007.jpg 2016-08-26_0008.jpg 2016-08-26_0009.jpg 2016-08-26_0010.jpg 2016-08-26_0011.jpg 2016-08-26_0012.jpg 2016-08-26_0013.jpg 2016-08-26_0014.jpg 2016-08-26_0015.jpg 2016-08-26_0016.jpg 2016-08-26_0017.jpg 2016-08-26_0018.jpg 2016-08-26_0019.jpg 2016-08-26_0020.jpg 2016-08-26_0021.jpg 2016-08-26_0022.jpg 2016-08-26_0023.jpg 2016-08-26_0024.jpg 2016-08-26_0025.jpg 2016-08-26_0026.jpg 2016-08-26_0027.jpg 2016-08-26_0028.jpg 2016-08-26_0029.jpg 2016-08-26_0030.jpg 2016-08-26_0031.jpg 2016-08-26_0032.jpg 2016-08-26_0033.jpg 2016-08-26_0034.jpg 2016-08-26_0035.jpg