Downtown Los Angeles Arts District | Neil & Alexis

If you have ever been to the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, you will know why I love it so much. The Pie Hole anyone? (Best pie EVER for those who doesn't know). When Neil and Alexis told me they wanted their engagement session to be in the heart of it, I was so excited!!! We spent the day adventuring around DTLA's aestheticly pleasing nooks and crannies and enjoyed the view of the city! Plus, the awesome people watching that comes with walking around DTLA is always a good time. Alexis and Neil are the cutest ever. They met in college and knew they were each others forever from there. When I asked Alexis what it was about Neil that made her want to spend forver with him she said, "with Neil it always felt perfect when I'm with him. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like a sigh of relief or like when you finally make it home after a long trip. Being with him is like being home." Yep, I just about died. These two are the sweetest. They are getting marreid this September at the most beautiful farm in Hemet and I can't wait to be apart of their special day!2016-03-22_0001.jpg 2016-03-22_0002.jpg 2016-03-22_0003.jpg 2016-03-22_0004.jpg 2016-03-22_0005.jpg 2016-03-22_0006.jpg 2016-03-22_0007.jpg 2016-03-22_0008.jpg 2016-03-22_0009.jpg 2016-03-22_0010.jpg 2016-03-22_0011.jpg 2016-03-22_0012.jpg 2016-03-22_0013.jpg 2016-03-22_0014.jpg 2016-03-22_0015.jpg 2016-03-22_0016.jpg 2016-03-22_0017.jpg 2016-03-22_0018.jpg 2016-03-22_0019.jpg 2016-03-22_0020.jpg 2016-03-22_0021.jpg 2016-03-22_0022.jpg 2016-03-22_0023.jpg 2016-03-22_0024.jpg 2016-03-22_0025.jpg 2016-03-22_0026.jpg 2016-03-22_0027.jpg 2016-03-22_0028.jpg 2016-03-22_0029.jpg 2016-03-22_0030.jpg 2016-03-22_0031.jpg 2016-03-22_0032.jpg 2016-03-22_0033.jpg 2016-03-22_0034.jpg 2016-03-22_0035.jpg 2016-03-22_0036.jpg 2016-03-22_0037.jpg 2016-03-22_0038.jpg 2016-03-22_0039.jpg 2016-03-22_0040.jpg