Columbia River Gorge Anniversary Session | Jakob & Vanessa

My First time at the Columbia River Gorge was nothing short of an actual adventure. Lets just say I have never experienced pouring rain like that before and our clothes were drenched in seconds. literally. But that did not stop us from exploring and getting the shots we wanted. Like I've said numerous times, couples who are down for anything make me the happiest, and Jakob and Vanessa were certainly one of those couples. I really wish there was a photo of me I could show you so you all could see how ridiculous i looked while taking these photos. Just imagine a bright green umbrella pretty much blowing in every direction due to the wind, and me trying to hold my camera/shoot with one hand that was wrapped in a plastic bag. I meant it when I said anything for the shot!

Jakob and Vanessa are two of my favorite humans. Vanessa is an incredible florist over at Tribes n Pines and Jakob is her trust sidekick and loving husband. These two helped me with a styled shoot I put on in Portland earlier that week and we bonded instantly. Vanessa is so talented and Jakob helped move ALL the heavy furniture without me even having to ask. They are the most selfless, kind, and loving friends that I am beyond thankful for. They not only helped with the shoot, but they invited me into their home to stay with them, they encouraged me and shared their love story with me, and they invited me into their community of friends throughout the week. The community behind my job and the friendships that form because of it, are my favorite parts to being a photographer. I am still obsessing over this insane torrential downpour session with two of my favorite humans, I hope you all love it just as much.//

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