Los Angeles In Home Anniversary Session | Bailey & Josue

Emily Magers Photography Los Angeles Engagement Bailey & Josue1.JPG

Are these two not the most stunning humans you have ever seen?

This day meant so much to me. I actually got the opportunity to photograph these sweet friends of mine for an article published in WHITE Magazine! The article prompted a couple to follow a set of guidelines for a week that would encourage them to grow closer in their marriage! Then, they wrote about what they learned about their relationship throughout the process. Such a beautiful exercise! After our time shooting in this cutie AIRBNB, we stayed in and cooked a meal and had dinner together. The community and conversation between these two is something i will cherish forever. More people like Bailey & Josue, please.

P.S. these guys are actually a dynamic duo Model/Style husband and wife team. You can check out their amazing stuff here:

Lady of the River co

Josue July