Hi! I’m Emily

and i’m SO excited you are here!

I am a wedding photographer living in Los Angeles who first and foremost loves Jesus with all that I have. I also love meeting new people and talking over coffee. Adventure and spontaneity. Speaking truth. The moments in between. Reading from the never-ending stack of books on my bookshelf. Handwritten letters and Amazon prime (can I get an amen?!) Experiencing creation and being outdoors. Traveling. Road Trips. After Breakfast naps (I promise, it’s a thing). OH and I might be 100% unhealthy obsessed with my English Bulldog, River but it’s totally fine.


emily magers photography

My job is my passion, one I don’t like to call work, but what fuels my creative soul. Community has been my whole heart since I can remember. I love doing life alongside people and telling their story exactly how it is. This is all so much more than contracts and business to me, I get excited thinking about the friendship and the people. Being a part of the most important day of your life feels a lot like becoming family. Telling stories has always been my favorite, but words tend to get lost or forgotten so I tell them the best way I know how, through photographs. I believe your story is unique and deserves to be told. But I will also be the first to say I am not for everyone.

My style and approach to shooting is not your traditional photographer’s way of doing things. I am not into the awkward posing type of story telling but the raw, emotional, candid, exactly where you are at type of story telling. The kind that actually makes you feel something. If this sounds like you too, than It would be the biggest honor to tell your story. Photography has been so incredibly life-giving to me over the years and I am so stoked to possibly be a part of your big day!

Did we just become best friends? YEP.

I cannot wait to meet you!

Emily Magers Photography

I’m humbled to have my work published on these widely-acclaimed and well-loved wedding industry blogs/publications: